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Posted on 2015.08.11 at 19:04
I've been looking for a good fanfic with a crossover with Buffy and the vampire diaries. Does anyone know of any?

Happy Birthday!

Posted on 2011.11.25 at 13:03
Happy Birthday! Petzipellepingo! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today :)

The book starts out with narrator Cat Crawfield as she gets pulled over by a cop for a busted taillight. She talks herself out of it and drives to a club. She is a 22 yr old half vampire and looking for her father so she can have revenge for her mother. When she gets to the club she sees this guy, who's hair is nearly white, with sharp cheekbones and dark eyes. What stands out about this character is he acts and talks exactly like Spike that this author had to have watched Buffy! :)

The white haired guy knocks Cat out and takes her to his cave, and put chains on her, demanding who she works for. She tells him she's half vamp but he doesn't believe her until her eyes glow green which vamps in here do. Unlike other vamps she has a pulse and heartbeat , but supernatural speed and strength. The guy reveals he is a vamp bounty hunter who gets paid to kill other vamps he wants to kill. So they fight after they make a bet and he knocks her out again. When she wakes up she discovers she is in bed with him. He tells her he healed her with his blood which vamp blood can heal. He calls her kitten which she doesn't like and tells him her name to which he tells her his, which is Bones. Before they agreed he will train her to be better so she could help him kill master vamps which lead to their fight before. He gives her hard training which includes running her ragged. They go out hunting after some odd weeks of training for master vamps. After they killed a master vamp Bones tells her his life and unlife story. He was changed in 1790 in Australia, he was born in England he was 24 just a month after his bday. His mom was a prostitute who was 15 when she had him when he was a boy he stole. When he was 17 his mom died of syphilis at age 33. He was given a choice either leave or prostitiute. He chose prostitution and chose women over men he got into trouble and was shipped off to south wales with three others- timothy, charles, and ian- Ian changed Bones into a vamp.
Cat tells him about when she lost her virginity to a guy who told her he loved her, he loved her and left her. Bones human name is Crispin Phillip Arthur Russell , Ian had buried Bones in a indian burial ground when he woke he saw bones hence his vamp name. They have sex then Cat pulls a Buffy and freaks out over what they did and leaves. They meet up again to kill another vamp but dont talk about the night before. Bones tells her he loves her to which Cat responds " No you don't" sounds familar. On her way to Bones one night she sees a vamp with black spiky hair with an english accent he and Bones know each other and Bones reveals his name as Charles aka Spade. Later in the book Cat tells Bones she loves him. Cat decides to leave Bones to keep him safe. Before she leaves she tells him to look for the coat she bought him which is a black leather duster I think I could have gotten the style wrong but I know it was a black leather coat of some kind.

This is my favorite book series ever I plan on writing about the other books to this series if anyone is interested let me know and I'll write about the other later books.

Happy Birthday!

Posted on 2011.10.04 at 10:55
Happy Birthday Coalitiongirl! I hope you have a great and awesome birthday! :)

Baby names ideas!

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 16:57
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Ok I'm going to be writing a Spuffy baby fic and the baby will be a boy. I need ideas! Anyone have any? I'd appreciate the help. :)

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 14:53
I would have to say myself, when I try to do anything I always seem to bring myself down.

The vampire diaries 3x01 " The Birthday"

Posted on 2011.09.15 at 20:32
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I'm starting to post VD reviews on the epi's to help keep track of what happens in each episode and also for fun!

It's Elean's 18th birthday, that Caroline is putting together for her. Alaric has been sleeping on the couch in Elena's house since the middle of summer. Damon has been tracking Stefan and Klaus, with the help of Alaric. Damon is still with Andie and she also keeps her ears out for reports on where Stefan is. Stefan is called Ripper by Damon which is a name given to him because he cuts the bodies of his victims up and puts them back together out of remorse. Tyler and Caroline have been hanging out a lot to the point where people think they are dating. Jeremy has been seeing ghosts and smoking weed. Stefan kills Andie by compelling her to jump off something at her work all because he wants Damon to back off trying to track him. Elean finds out about Damon's tracking Stefan. Alaric leaves because Elena is 18 and he thinks she will do better without him. Caroline and Tyler sleep together. Stefan calls Elena and she knows it was him. She tells him to remember that she loves him. After the sex Caroline goes down the stairs and is surprised by Tyler's mom and she tranquilizes Caroline and it ends on that cliffhanger.

It was an interesting epi I especially liked how Stefan is, I like this side to him. I felt sympathy for Damon with Andie's death, I don't think he loved her, but I think he cared. I'm not even sure how much humanity is in Stefan anymore based on the fact this is the first epi. Now for my Delena shipper side I think they are making a slow, steady process which is awesome!

My first wallpaper!

Posted on 2011.09.04 at 21:17
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I'm sooo proud of it! I know it's not the best but it's my baby!


Posted on 2011.08.25 at 15:34
I just bought a book to a series, called Halfway to the Grave. The kicker is a guy in there named Bones has bleached hair, british, uses pet names just like Spike and swears like him. I can't wait to read the book. I'll give more info as I read the book hopefully this week. :)

clip help

Posted on 2011.08.14 at 14:43
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I want to make a spuffy vid which i can, but i dont know where to go to look for clips. I tried different places but  they didnt have any clips or not enough clips.  So if anyone who makes vids knows where to go to get good spuffy clips I'm all ears.

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